Building the Future

The future won’t wait. We must begin building it now.

January 2012

Dear Friends,

I hope this note finds you doing well, recovering nicely from the festivities of the past couple months, eager and enthusiastic about 2012 and all the possibilities that lie ahead.

At Jadeworks, we’re always thinking about the next big thing in entertainment, communication, and social media. We study, test and implement new technologies that can help us better serve our clients, build community and interact with audiences around the globe.

Last year, new platforms like Google+ hit the scene while others including Facebook received a fresh new look, and some disappeared altogether like Google Buzz. New tools like the iPhone 4S hit the market, once again raising the bar for the competition and delivering great new options such as Siri, which allows us to have a conversation with our phones, and iCloud, so all those thousands of songs we’ve downloaded will be at our fingertips whether or not they are currently on our mobile device. We’re already seeing how readily these things are being implemented by people around the globe, and we’re currently working to utilize them in our products, services and platforms too.

Still, as much as folks want to try out new gadgets, sites and utilities, we realize that real success comes from implementing these tools while continuing to provide the quality products our clients demand and deserve. At the end of the day, our audience wants to be informed and engaged with news and entertainment that is superior in quality and content.

Throughout 2011, Jadeworks helped other businesses create new sites, shape online presences and build bigger audiences using video, social media and websites that well represented the image they hoped to create and the reputations they wanted to retain.

We also developed new content for our own social media channels, earning new readers for sites like our ever-popular while delivering the great tried-and-true recipes and humorous anecdotes that our readers love.

Throughout 2012, we will continue to utilize all our best business practices while reaching out to new clients, creating exciting new content and stretching in new directions to keep up with our ever-changing economic climate.

At Jadeworks, we want to take this moment to wish you the very best in the year to come. May we all learn from the lessons we’ve been taught during the past year, and build a better, brighter, and successful future for 2012.

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Jathan Fink

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