You Have A Facebook Fan Page – Now What?

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Facebook fan page


These days, everyone seems to have a Facebook fan page. But most users don’t really know how to best utilize this tool to build and engage their audience. So here are seven things everyone can do to create the best experience possible on everyone’s favorite social media utility. 

1. Make your page easy to find. First of all, you should optimize your page name for search engine optimization (SEO). For example, if you’re an insurance agent, make the name of your fan page something like “Jack Black, Insurance and Financial Services Agent” or “Jack Black, Met Life Insurance,” or whatever the name of your organization is.

Clients will likely search for you by name or by the name of your business. This will make sure they can find you. A generic title like “Insurance Agent” isn’t specific enough and most likely people won’t be able to find you whether they search for you via Facebook or Google.

2. Get ‘likes’ with great photos. Photos are one of the best ways to build your brand. Your fan page image should be appropriate for your clientele too. If you’re a businessman, use a photograph of yourself, preferably looking rather dapper in a suit and tie. These pages are all about marketing your image, and you want to be sure you exude confidence and professionalism. Clients are frequently hesitant to do business with a ‘young whipper-snapper,’ or with someone who is flaunting their tattoos or piercings. An engaging smile and friendly demeanor should shine through. This image should also measure 180 x 180 pixels.

3. Utilize timeline cover images as awesome real estate. The cover photo should measure 850×310 pixels and should be of something that once again brands you. This can be a picture of you with your team, a photo of your business, you shaking hands with customers… basically anything that your customers will associate with you as a wizard in your field.

4. Provide all the information your audience needs to know. Populate your ‘About’ section with as much information about yourself as you can. List your education information, from degrees to sports. (Sports will give you talking points with a lot of male clients.) Were you in a fraternity or business fraternity? List those too. Do you support charities? Make sure you list those.

The only things you really want to abstain from listing are your religious and political affiliations. If organizations you are a member of kind of give those things away, don’t list them by name. For example, instead of listing that you are a mentor at “First Baptist Orphanage,” you could list that you’re a child mentor at various organizations working with at-risk children. You sometimes have to be creative, but you never want to list details that would alienate potential clients. Also, if you coach little league or do charity work within the community, make sure you have pictures taken of yourself doing those things, because those will also be great things to post on your page.

5. Regularly engage your audience with information they should know. So what kind of info should you post and how often should you do it? A good rule of thumb is to try and post something daily. You likely have tons of helpful hints at the ready. Use these facts as launch pads for bigger discussions. For example, ask “Why do you need an annuity?” or “What five things should everyone include in their will?” Your goal here is to engage your audience. My biggest advice for this, however, is that you always include a link where they can get more information. Do you currently have a website for your business? Or even a blog? If not, I’d suggest creating one using, which is very simple to navigate. That way you can create content there that answers those questions. Once you’ve created this outlet, create links on your Facebook fan page to the articles you’ve referenced. In the meantime, you can also link to articles you’ve found online that are from credible, trustworthy sources.

6. Help your visitors get to know you. A lot of people like to do business with people they know too, so sometimes you’ll want to simply post a photo of yourself doing something in the community, so that your followers can feel like they know you and it will also give you talking points for conversation starters when you meet with a client.

7. Never hesitate to post content from other people in the community too. For example, is your niece’s Girl Scouts troop selling cookies? Post information about where your clients could get them. Have you found out about a new fundraiser in the community via the chamber of commerce (which if you haven’t joined it, I really advise that you do), list that information too. Your goal with a fan page is to become a source of useful information about your business, yourself, and also your community. Give people plenty of reasons to keep coming back.

If you feel overwhelmed by this, it may be a great time for you to consult a professional to help you build your Facebook fan page. If you have one built already, there are a lot of professional services now that can even manage these features for you. If you need help, or simply want more information, contact Jadeworks to see how we can help you build your audience and engage your readers.

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