Find Danger and Mystery in Luxurious ‘Cocoa Beach’ [REVIEW]

Beatriz Williams returns with yet another addictive historical novel that writhes with mystery, scandal, and loads of dark secrets. COCOA BEACH is perfect summertime reading. Your beach bag won’t be complete till you insert this fabulous read between your sunscreen and flip flops.

Jathan & Heather

Cocoa Beach Along the Florida coast, a young widow learns to stand firm in the face of adversity in Beatriz Williams’ Cocoa Beach. (Photo courtesy Justin Henry, Flickr)

When a young mother suddenly becomes a widow, she is left as the sole beneficiary of her husband’s Florida estate. As she learns to navigate a corporation she knows nothing about, she must also raise her daughter and deal with greedy relatives in a tropical boomtown she’s never visited in Beatriz Williams’ gripping novel, Cocoa Beach. 

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