Hello world!

Jathan Fink, Editor-In-Chief of Verge Magazine and President of Jadeworks Entertainment
Jadeworks’ President Jathan Fink © 2010 Elise Manahan Photography.

Welcome to Jadeworks Entertainment!

If you’ve poked around the site, you know that we handle nearly every type of media, from television and radio to print and online content. We create live entertainment, talk shows, music shows, and more.

And yet with everything we do, I have to be brutally honest. Jadeworks Entertainment shouldn’t exist. Perhaps that seems like an odd thing to say since I’m the creator and president of the organization, but let me explain.

Prior to 2004, I had worked in the financial sector for 13 years. I hadn’t planned it that way. Life just happened, like when you open a bag of potato chips and reach in a half-hour later only to discover you’ve eaten the whole bag. You look around and wonder, “What did I do?”  That’s where I was in 2004, wondering how I had gone from aspiring writer and musician to being trapped behind a desk handling other people’s money. So I left my job at Bank One and set about making some changes.

That fall, I enrolled at the University of Cincinnati and took control of my life once more. I worked with students and faculty who encouraged me to pursue my dreams, to write the stories I wanted to tell, and to take charge of my destiny. Soon, I found myself writing for the school paper, and trying all kinds of new things, including news stories, entertainment reviews and even columns. But I wanted to be conscientious about copyrighting everything I created, and as a result, Jadeworks Entertainment was born.

In the years that ensued, I began collaborating with others on stories, venturing into new mediums, and trying new things. Together, we started creating television and radio programming. We produced, directed, wrote and hosted everything from talk shows to music countdowns. Eventually, we tackled live events too, including festivals, concerts and speaking engagements. Everything we did fell under the protection of the Jadeworks umbrella.

Since then, we’ve used our design and networking talents to create Web sites, blogs, social media feeds and podcasts. We keep abreast of changing technology, always thinking ahead to see how we can best use new tools in every aspect of our business.

Most recently, we even collaborated with a new team of writers, designers and photographers to create a new magazine which will launch next year.

And when we’re not busy creating, we’re in the trenches helping out with our favorite charities. We’re busy people. We’re concerned about the welfare of the world, but even more so about the condition of the human spirit. That’s why we seek to inspire imagination with everything we do. Our goal is to fuel dreams, which is why you’ll see our motto is “where dreams come true.” For us, that’s what this is all about.

So we hope you’ll stay in touch. As Tom Cruise said in the film Jerry McGuire, “Help me help you.” If you have a new project that you’d like to undertake, pitch it to me. At Jadeworks, anything is possible. We’re always looking for a new adventure, the game-changer that will make people stop, take notice, and discover the possibilities. We look forward to hearing from you.



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