Brian Andrews Blows Our Minds with ‘Reset’

If you love the twists and turns of an M. Night Shyamalan movie, peering into the future with Star Trek, or being freaked out by the possibilities in The X-Files, you won’t want to miss Brian Andrews’ new thriller, Reset. Check out our interview with the author to discover what you can expect from this awesome read.

Jathan & Heather

Brian Andrews' RESET blog title image Prepare to have your mind blown with Brian Andrews’ new stand-alone thriller, Reset. (Photo courtesy Thomas & Mercer)

Two years ago I had the chance to review Tier One, a novel by Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson. It was the kind of fast-paced action adventure I love, one which launched a series and which I praised as being “as real and relevant as tomorrow’s headlines.” Now, prepare to be amazed because Andrews is back with a brand new novel which is guaranteed to thrill. This one is called Reset, and it tackles some pretty interesting ground. Thankfully, Brian agreed to shed some light on this relentless novel in today’s Q&A. Enjoy!

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