Two Women Test Their Mettle in ‘The Wicked City’ [REVIEW]

When a Manhattanite discovers that her husband’s been living a double life, she strikes out on her own to nurse her broken heart. Little does she know that another woman’s indomitable spirit will set her free. Don’t miss Beatriz Williams’ The Wicked City.

Jathan & Heather

pexels-photo-89485.jpeg Two women from different eras are linked by a very special place in Beatriz Williams’ The Wicked City. (Photo courtesy Pexels)

When a modern woman is forced to start life anew, she discovers an unexpected link to the past in her new home. How will she balance her newfound connection to a freespirited woman from the Jazz Age with the woman she has always known herself to be? Find out in Beatriz Williams’ The Wicked City.  

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