Novelist Writes Her Own Love Story in ‘Sugarplum Way’ [REVIEW]

In Debbie Mason’s Sugarplum Way, a romance novelist makes her secret crush the valiant hero in her newest book. But when she realizes that everyone will recognize who the story is based on, does she dare let the story see the light of day? Find out in this hilarious, heartwarming read.

Jathan & Heather

Woman in winter When she falls for a divorced dad, a romance novelist decides to make him one of the characters in her books in Debbie Mason’s Sugarplum Way. (Photo by Paval Hadzinski, Flickr)

In Debbie Mason’s new book, Sugarplum Way, effervescent, exhuberant, and eternally optimistic Julia Landon loves watching people fall in love. She’s even played matchmaker once or twice, despite the fact that she has yet to experience a love story of her own. So she does what any good romance novelist would do: she writes her own love story with her secret crush as her hero.

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