One Mother’s Worst Nightmare Comes True in ‘The Missing’ [REVIEW]

When her 15-year-old son goes missing, will Claire go mad with grief or can she really not trust anyone in her life? Find out in C.L. Taylor’s The Missing, another great suspense yarn from across the pond.

Jathan & Heather

Something's wrong When her son goes missing, one mother will stop at nothing to get to the truth in C.L. Taylor’s The Missing. (Photo by Adrien Leguay, Flickr)

When her teenage son disappears, one woman relies on her family to help her through the devastating crisis. But what can she do if she realizes that she may be relying on the wrong people for support? In fact, who can she turn to if she discovers that she can’t trust anyone at all? Find out in C.L. Taylor’s compelling psychological thriller, The Missing.

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