Old Secrets Prove Deadly in ‘Thief’s Mark’ [REVIEW]

Old secrets, a fresh corpse and a missing art thief bring FBI agents Sharpe and Donovan out of their honeymoon bliss in Carla Neggers’ thrilling new novel, Thief’s Mark.

Jathan & Heather

Cotswolds, England When new bodies appear and old secrets resurface, FBI agents Sharpe and Donovan must crack the case in Carla Neggers’ Thief’s Mark. (Photo by JR P, Flickr)

FBI agents Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan never can seem to stay far from trouble. When a body turns up in a tranquil English village, dark secrets about a ghastly past rope the duo into yet another hair-raising adventure in Carla Neggers’ latest, Thief’s Mark. 

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