Mom Turns Antihero Mastermind in James Patterson’s ‘113 Minutes’ [REVIEW]

What would you do if you saw your son killed in front of you? That’s the impossible question posed in James Patterson’s riveting thriller, 113 MINUTES. More than just another revenge novel, this novella offers up a breathlessly paced game of cat-and-mouse you won’t want to miss.

Jathan & Heather

Woman in brush When her son dies in front of her, a devastated mother takes the law into her own hands in James Patterson’s 113 Minutes. (Photo by Tobie Chapman, Flickr)

Molly Rourke just lived through every mother’s worst nightmare. She watched her son die in front of her, and she knows who is responsible. Grieving and angry, she is determined to get revenge. But will she be able to execute her plan before she gets caught by the Feds? Find out in James Patterson and Max DiLallo’s 113 Minutes.  

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