Diana Palmer’s ‘Defender’ Is Heartbreaking and Hypnotic [REVIEW]

Diana Palmer has been writing bestselling fiction for more than three decades. What’s her secret? She knows how to connect with her readers using flawed, multi-dimensional characters whose emotions mirror our own. With Defender, she taps into one of our deepest fears and proves once again why she is one of our favorite storytellers.

Jathan & Heather

Woman thinking Looking over your shoulder becomes a habit when the man two women should trust the most is the very one they fear in Diana Palmer’s Defender. (Photo by Marc Eliot, Flickr)

In New York Times bestselling novelist Diana Palmer’s latest novel, Defender, two sisters are living a lie. Daughters of one of the wealthiest men in Texas, their mansion is the facade that hides their darkest secrets from the rest of the world. But when a young FBI agent comes to town, will he be able to liberate them from the past before it is too late?

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