Candis Terry Navigates Grief and Family Drama in ‘A Better Man’ [REVIEW]

Sometimes life leads you back to the very place you tried to escape. That’s what happens to hockey star Jordan Kincade in Candis Terry’s A Better Man. But will this detour in life be his demise or his salvation? Find out in this smart, sexy romance.

Jathan & Heather

Couple in vineyard A hockey star returns to Sunshine Creek Vineyard to reconnect with his family and maybe even fall in love in Candis Terry’s A Better Man. (Photo by Fabrice Florin, Flickr)

In the wake of tragedy, a man returns to the small town where he grew up only to confront his past, face his family, and keep his sister from making mistakes of her own. But will he be able to resist falling in love again with the very girl he left behind? Learn the answer in the first volume of Candis Terry’s Sunshine Creek Vineyard series, A Better Man. 

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