Family Scandals Haunt ‘The Bad Daughter’ [REVIEW]

Joy Fielding fans rejoice! Her new novel, THE BAD DAUGHTER, is available now, and it is an explosive read filled with characters you’ll love, and some you’ll love to hate. Pairing psychological suspense with domestic drama, Fielding delivers a novel that features so many suspects, Agatha Christie would be envious. Don’t miss it!

Jathan & Heather

House One family’s dream house becomes the scene of a horrible crime in Joy Fielding’s The Bad Daughter. (Photo courtesy Pexels)

A Los Angeles therapist must return to her tiny hometown when she receives a shocking voicemail message from her estranged sibling. A heinous crime has been committed and she is needed on the scene as soon as possible. But before she can even leave, she is plagued by unanswered questions. Who is behind the violence? Why did someone target her family? And what can she possibly do about it? Find out in Joy Fielding’s mesmerizing new novel of suspense, The Bad Daughter. 

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