Rediscover Your Happy Place with ‘The Blue Zones of Happiness’ [REVIEW]

Are you dissatisfied with life? Have you wondered if happiness is just an illusion or why you can’t seem to find it? Then read The Blue Zones of Happiness by Dan Buettner and National Geographic. It’s like a road map to your happy place!

Jathan & Heather

Emily and Ruby One of the secrets to longevity is happiness, and these two in Boulder, Colorado seem to have that in spades. (Photo by Mark Doliner, Flickr)

Last time I chatted with Dan Buettner, he introduced my radio audience to the concept of “blue zones,” those places on our planet where people seem to live the longest . He also taught us why they have such remarkable longevity. Now, in The Blue Zones of Happiness, he uses further research to show us why these folks are also among the happiest in the world and what key strategies we can impliment in our own lives to find our happy place.  

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