There Comes A Time – Part Seven [FICTION]

If you’ve been patiently awaiting episode seven of THERE COMES A TIME, it is finally here! This time out, Carla makes a decision about the future of the business, while an unexpected development catches Lance and Daphne by surprise. Happy reading!

Jathan Fink

Homemade baby food As Deb teaches new mothers how to make homemade baby food, does she have something else up her sleeve? (Photo by thedabblist, Flickr)

Deb stood behind the cafe counter inside Little Things, pulsing boiled apricots in a blender as she taught a dozen new mothers how to make homemade baby food. “Now slowly add the apple juice and puree,” she said. “You want the apricots to have a smooth, thin texture. If it is too thin, you can always blend in a few Cheerios to thicken it up.”

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