‘Royally Roma’ Is a Hilarious Romp Through the Eternal City [REVIEW]

There’s nothing quite as fun as a comedy of errors, and that’s what you get in Teri Wilson’s delightful new novel, ROYALLY ROMA. If you’ve ever dreamed of falling in love with a hunky prince, this is the story for you.

Jathan & Heather

Falling in love When Julia Costa meets Niccolo La Torre, she doesn’t realize he’s the Crown Prince of Lazaretto. (Photo by cristian, Flickr)

When a young woman moves abroad to escape the notorious family drama in her past, she goes to great lengths to live a very normal existence. But that may not be possible when she crosses paths with the dutiful grandson of an Italian monarch in Teri Wilson’s delightful new romantic comedy, Royally Roma, the first installment in her “The Royals” trilogy. 

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