Rethink the Way You Eat to Get ‘Head Strong’ [REVIEW]

It’s been said that man only uses one tenth of one percent of his brain. But what if you could tap into your potential, live better, be happier, and even raise your IQ? Now you can in Dave Asprey’s HEAD STRONG. See why our team is going crazy over this insightful new book!

Jathan & Heather

Frustrated Are you chronically frustrated, sluggish, and hungry? Take charge of your life and fix your brain in just two weeks with Dave Asprey’s Head Strong. (Photo by iStock)

Every day we make countless decisions. What should we wear? When do we eat? Where will we go? If these little decisions seem to frustrate you, it’s time to fix your brain, and the bulletproof executive, Dave Asprey, is here to help us get our heads back on straight with his new book, Head Strong. 

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