J. T. Ellison’s ‘No One Knows’ Is A Truly Chilling Read [REVIEW]

A husband goes missing. His wife can’t accept that he is dead. A mysterious stranger shows up out of the blue. And we’re just getting started! If you love enthralling suspense, don’t miss J.T. Ellison’s NO ONE KNOWS, a labyrinthine novel filled with more twists and turns than a funhouse maze.

Jathan & Heather

Missing You Even after her husband goes missing and is declared dead, all Aubrey Hamilton wants is her husband back.
(Photo by Leonidas Konstantinidis, Flickr)

Can love be so all encompassing between two people that the surviving mate is unable to move forward in life? Bestselling novelist J.T. Ellison plumbs the depths of love and loss in her enthralling novel, No One Knows. 

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