Improve Workplace Harmony By Taking A Look at the Leafcutter Ant [VIDEO]

When employees have a “me first” attitude, the integrity of a company’s infrastructure becomes volatile. Teams can learn a lesson in the importance of working together in unity by studying a little insect known as the leafcutter ant.

Jathan Fink

Leafcutter ants Leafcutter ants work together, industriously gathering pieces of leaves many times their own body weight and carrying them back to the nest. (Photo by Jon Pinder, Flickr) Have you ever been with a group of people who just can’t seem to work together? Unfortunately, a toxic workplace is fairly common these days. There always seem to be the employeeswho don’t want to carry their load, are eager to stab one another in the back, and who aren’t about to help out a fellow colleague because they are simply too concerned about putting themselves first. What should a manager do who supervises those who exhibit this behavior?

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