Harry Hunsicker Makes His Mark with ‘The Devil’s Country’ [REVIEW]

Meet Arlo Baines. He’s a loner with a tragic past and a penchant for finding trouble. Readers who love characters like Walt Longmire and Jack Reacher and hard-boiled thrillers with a solid mystery, plenty of action and a rugged hero you can relate to will love Harry Hunsicker’s THE DEVIL’S COUNTRY.

Jathan & Heather

Hotel neon Trouble finds a rambling drifter in a tiny West Texas town in Harry Hunsicker’s The Devil’s Country.
(Photo by Matt M, Flickr)

When a lone drifter steps off the bus in a tiny West Texas town, all he wants is to mind his own business and be left alone. But trouble has a way of sneaking up and finding a man when he least expects it. Suddenly caught in a dangerous web of malice and corruption, will he be able to uncover the town’s terrible secrets and clear his name? Find out in Harry Hunsicker’s new thriller, The Devil’s Country.  

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