James Patterson’s ‘Never Never’ Is An Electrifying Thriller [REVIEW]

If you love hard-boiled detectives, let us introduce you to Harriet Blue. She’s one tough cookie! At the top of her game, she is dispatched against her will to investigate a case in the middle of nowhere. Will she be able to channel her rage and find missing miners in the broiling Australian outback? Find out in James Patterson’s NEVER NEVER.

Jathan & Heather

Woman captive When people start disappearing in the Australian outback, Detective Harriet Blue must hunt down a deranged killer in James Patterson and Candice Fox’s Never, Never. (Photo courtesy James Patterson, YouTube)

After receiving devastating news, a female investigator is sent to a makeshift town in the middle of nowhere, a place where danger lurks at every turn. There she is given a suspicious new partner, tasked with finding out what is happening to a growing list of missing persons, and forced to navigate her way through a plethora of transient characters with too much time on their hands. With so much against her, will she be able to fulfill her assignment? And more importantly, will she make it out alive? Find out in James Patterson and Candice Fox’s pulse-pounding new thriller, Never Never. 

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