Steph Jagger’s ‘Unbound’ Takes Readers On A Journey of Self Discovery [REVIEW]

Sometimes it takes a great act of will to feel comfortable in your own skin and to live your authentic life. For author and executive coach Steph Jagger, she traversed countless miles in the snow to reach her epiphany. She shows us how she tore down the walls and built herself from the ground up in her unflinching memoir, UNBOUND. See what our reviewers had to say about this intimate new book.

Jathan & Heather

Steph Jagger in New Zealand Steph Jagger in New Zealand when the clouds rolled in and everything started going downhill. (Photo courtesy Steph Jagger, Facebook)

What does snow have to do with self discovery? Steph Jagger explains in her new memoir, Unbound, as she seeks to unleash her authentic self and stop fulfilling the expectations others set for her.

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