Prepare to be Mesmerized by Martin Cruz Smith’s ‘The Girl from Venice’ [REVIEW]

If you love movies like Casablanca and literary prize-winners like All the Light We Cannot See, you’re going to fall in love with Martin Cruz Smith’s delicious wartime romantic thriller, The Girl from Venice. Set in WWII Italy, this book lures you in and won’t let go. Find out why our reviewer loved it so much!

Jathan & Heather

Fisherman's shed off Pellestrina on the Venetian lagoon Love blossoms in a fisherman’s humble home on the Venetian lagoon in Martin Cruz Smith’s The Girl from Venice.
(Photo by D’Arcy Vallance, Flickr)

World War II may be drawing to a close, but life is still far from safe when a quiet fisherman pulls a mysterious girl’s lifeless body from the drink. But who is she? Why do the Germans want her? And what can a humble peasant do to save both their lives? Find out in Martin Cruz Smith’s new standalone novel, The Girl from Venice.

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