Debbie Macomber’s Latest Reminds Us of the Power of Kindness [REVIEW]

What do you do when you have a cranky neighbor who steals your newspaper? Kill him with kindness, of course! Meet Julia, a perky retail clerk who is the bane of her grumpy neighbor Cain’s existence. But Julia is determined to bring a smile to her neighbor’s face, whether he wants one or not! Read what our reviewers have to say about Debbie Macomber’s charming new book!

Jathan & Heather

Woman drinking Starbucks A young Seattle woman decides to kill her new neighbor with kindness in Debbie Macomber’s latest novel. (Photo by Tracey, Flickr)

When an obnoxiously rude neighbor threatens to steal her joy, a perky retail clerk decides to turn the other cheek and kill the guy with kindness. But what happens when her scheme doesn’t work out quite the way she planned? Find out in Debbie Macomber’s latest novel. 

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