Nothing Is What It Seems in Jayne Ann Krentz’s ‘When All the Girls Have Gone’ [REVIEW]

The women of Seattle are in trouble. One is dead. A second is missing. And a third is on a dangerous path that could destroy her. Will a sexy P.I. be able to crack the case before it is too late? Find out why our reviewers consistently love the novels of Jayne Ann Krentz in her latest bestseller, Where All the Girls Have Gone.

Jathan & Heather

Three women in shadow One is dead. A second is missing. When a killer strikes Seattle, no one is safe in Jayne Ann Krentz’s When All the Girls Have Gone.(Photo by Thomas Rousing, Flickr)

A woman named Louise is dead. Her best friend, Jocelyn, has gone missing. And now a third woman’s life is in danger. No one is safe in Jayne Ann Krentz’s intricately plotted new novel, Where All the Girls Have Gone. 

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