There’s Something Amiss in Allison Brennan’s ‘Compulsion’ [REVIEW]

Sometimes, a writer’s new work just doesn’t measure up to her own previous success. Unfortunately, that’s the case in Allison Brennan’s Compulsion. Find out why our reviewer wasn’t very enamored with this latest read from the author of Notorious.

Jathan & Heather

News cameras A missing retired couple. A suspected killer on trial. Investigative journalist Maxine Revere knows there’s a connection in Allison Brennan’s Compulsion. (Photo by Gage Skidmore, Flickr)

One man is on trial for five New York City murders, but a determined investigative reporter believes his crimes don’t end there. When a retired couple goes missing, the details of the case seem eerily similar. But can the reporter connect the defendant to the case? Find out in Allison Brennan’s Compulsion. 

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