‘The Mystery Writers of America Cookbook’ Is A Must Buy for Foodies and Bibliophiles [REVIEW]

Our culinary team doesn’t only cook up their own yummy creations, but they test out the latest gadgets, gizmos and cookbooks for you too. Check out this awesome batch of recipes written by your favorite authors and collected by the Mystery Writers of America. It’s a novel way to approach cooking. Novel way. Get it? LOL Oh, nevermind. Just enjoy!

Jathan & Heather

James Patterson's Grandma's Killer Chocolate Cake Serve up one of your favorite mystery writer’s yummiest recipes, like Grandma’s Killer Chocolate Cake from James Patterson. (Photo courtesy Quirk Books)

Jathan and I love to cook nearly as much as we love to read. Or maybe it’s the other way around! Either way, when I received a copy of The Mystery Writers of America Cookbook: Wickedly Good Meals and Desserts to Die For, written by a host of my favorite authors and edited by Kate White, I was in awe.

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