♦ Single Mom Takes a Stand in Wiley Cash’s ‘The Last Ballad’ [REVIEW]

For The Last Ballad, novelist Wiley Cash dug deep into history to tell the true story of one remarkable woman. The result is a moving portrait of an incredible lady who changed history. It also happens to be one of the best novels we’ve read this decade. Period.

Jathan & Heather

Textile mill workers In 1929, one woman took a stand for what is right and changed the course of American history. Discover her riveting story in Wiley Cash’s The Last Ballad. (Photo courtesy William Morrow, YouTube) Diamond Review BannerThere have always been unsung heroes in America’s history, people seldom recognized for their significant impact on our culture and way of life, even when those changes came with great personal sacrifice. In Wiley Cash’s new novel, The Last Ballad, readers are introduced to one such woman in a book that isone of the most enthralling, authentic, and relevant novels we have read in some time.

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